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We've been building estimating systems since 1991. Here's what we've achieved in that time:
1991 QuickBRIX estimating system launched in UK. The first off-the-shelf estimating package designed for builders and contractors to use without the need for extensive training. Highly innovative and robust, we still have QuickBRIX users to this day!
1996 Release of Jewson QuickEst running in MS Windows, the first estimating package to be supplied with regularly updated product prices direct from the merchant. This software was released entirely free of program faults - a rare accolade.
1996 Release of reSPONse, a sophisticated product based on E&F SPON price book format.
1998 Jewson QuickOrder. A fast product take-off and ordering system based on Jewson Product Price file, including product images.
1999 Graham Group Take-Off System (GTOS) for internal pricing of customer drawings using latest product prices and customer profiles extracted from mainframe computer.
2000 Release of Fast Estimate, a suite of low-cost estimating systems designed for use by anyone who needs to price work quickly.
2001 Estek develop a sophisticated drawing take-off System for Jewson (JTOS) used as the basis for internal pricing of customer projects.
2002 Fast Estimate 5. Major upgrade offering purchase ordering, access to SPON price libraries, letter of offer, factoring and many other advanced features.
2003 Estek sign term agreement with Spon Press to supply price book editing software and Spon Estimating package to be supplied with the price books.
2005 Fast Estimate users benefit from major enhancements including import/export to MS Excel.
2009 Fast Estimate V6 released. The result of several years development, Version 6 puts Fast Estimate firmly back in the lead for ease of use, power and value for money.
2010 New customers include CarillionEnterprise, major suppliers of construction and maintenance services to the MOD
2010 Powerful new modules released that further enhance productivity. Subcontractor Enquiry & Comparison
Materials Enquiry & Comparison
2010 Fast Estimate Lite. Aimed at the smaller business or individual who doesn't need all the features of V6. Budget price.
2012 One of our key customers increases their Fast Estimate licence to 75 concurrent users. The increased traffic is being handled by multiple distributed servers.
2013 Development of an extensive range of price libraries designed specifically for users who price work for Carillion Amey.

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