Fast Estimate

Fast Estimate - The Construction Software Pricing Tool

How Does Fast Estimate Stack Up to Other Systems?
That's a key question for anyone who wants to get the best system they can for their money. Here's some important features to get you started - comparing Fast Estimate with Excel based (i.e. templates with calculators) and other BoQ based estimating systems.
Feature Fast Estimate Excel Based BQ Based
Quick Start using Job Templates Yes Yes X
Custom Resources and Item Rate Library Yes X Yes
Spon Industry Standard Price Books (option) Yes X X
Compare Jobs by Type, Profit, Cost, Area Yes X X
Instant Job Switch (one-click) Yes X X
Project Groups (e.g. Housing development) Yes X X
Network Ready (no extra charge) Yes X £££
'Live' Windows & Charts Yes X X
Custom Screen Layouts Yes X X
Fully integrated relational database Yes X £££
Seamless functionality Yes X £££
Inflated Price Tag X Yes Yes


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