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Fast Estimate - The Construction Software Pricing Tool

Fast Estimate estimating software V6

With Fast Estimate V6 your time is never wasted through poor design.

Each function is fully integrated into an advanced pricing system, leaving you to get on with what you do best.

estimating Estimating  

If you need to price work supplied by others the V6 estimating functions may be all you need. Learn more

Optional Modules

estimating Subcontractor Enquiry & Comparison   Preview
The simplest way to deal with subbies. Learn more  

estimating Material Enquiry & Comparison   Preview
Get the best prices without having to spend hours on the phone. Learn more

Plug-In Price Books

estimating Spon Price Libraries   Preview
The fastest way to gain access to a range of up to date libraries for current construction costs. Learn more

How We Stack Up

Here's a simple Comparison Table of key features of Fast Estimate V6 against other estimating systems.

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