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Fast Estimate - The Construction Software Pricing Tool


If you're looking for a pricing system that's both fast and inexpensive, take a closer look at Fast Estimate Lite.
low rental
Check the feature list to see if it suits then download a trial copy and try it out for yourself. If you like it, order it and start pricing today!
Main Features lite
Powerful Data Engine (NoWait) Yes
Starter Library (SMM7 style) Yes
Quick Start Templates Yes
Simple Navigation (Tree Selection) Yes
Spon Industry Standard Price Books (option) Yes
Custom Screen Layouts Yes
Historical Data Analysis Yes
Flexible Overhead & Profit functions Yes
Full Requirements List Yes<
Composite Items (Items withinin items) Yes
Cut/Copy/Paste functions throughout Yes
Tender 'Fine Tuning' Tools Yes
Professional Reports (incl. BoQ) Yes
Links to External Data Files Yes
Contact Data Yes

Watch the video then download a trial copy!


Add Spon Price Libraries
The fastest way to gain access to a range of up to date libraries for current construction costs. Learn more

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