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Our users range from the SME's right up to nationally distributed networks serving 50 users. To make sure you pay only for the features you need, we offer two interchangable systems, each of which can be expanded to meet your changing needs.
V6 is our flagship product. It's designed primarily for contractors, estimators and QS's who price work regularly and who need to import and export data to other applications such as Excel. More on V6
lite Lite is ideal for single user installations where pricing is a key task but with no need for networks, modules, importing or sharing data. More on Lite
Use this table to find out which product is right for you.
Key Feature V6 lite
Powerful Data Engine (NoWait) Yes Yes
Starter Library (SMM7 style) Yes Yes
Quick Start Templates Yes Yes
Effortless Data Navigation Yes Yes
Spon Industry Standard Price Books (option) Yes Yes
Custom Screen Layouts Yes Yes
Historical Data Analysis Yes Yes
Composite (nested) Items & Resources Yes Yes
Multi-User (network) Yes X
Import/Export Yes X
Expansion Modules Yes X
'Live' Windows & Charts Yes X
Project Groups (e.g. Housing development) Yes X
Quick Functions Yes X
Gross Adjustment % (Main Contractors Discount) Yes X
Preferred Rates Yes X
Schedule Profile Yes X
Fully compatible with Microsoft operating systems and applications
win7Win 8 win10office

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