Fast Estimate


Subcontractor Enquiry & Comparison
Deceptively Simple!  
In keeping with the rest of the Fast Estimate system, this module is easy to understand and use. But behind the well-ordered exterior lies real power, speed and flexibility.  
"...this is good, very good. It was intuitive to use and I didn’t need to look at help pages to find my way around it. The comparison module does exactly what it says on the tin. " D. Hamilton, M.C.I.O.B. Hamilton Construction Costing Ltd.  
Fully Integrated into your Fast Estimate schedules Yes
Uses Fast Estimate's easy navigation & selection methods Yes
Access to your key estimate data - no need to switch screens Yes
Paper Free - simply email subcontractors your Excel or PDF documents Yes
Import the returned Excel file - or enter rates manually Yes
Award work with confidence Yes
Custom User Screens Yes
Power Features  
Speedy Bill Markup with your selected Trades Yes
Invite suitable Subcontractors for each Trade Yes
Invitations supplied on paper or emailed as PDF/ Excel file Yes
Make changes to trade & invitation list - at any time Yes
Auto import completed Excel files as they come in (or enter manually) Yes
Plug any missing rates Yes
Add adjustments and/or attendance allowance Yes
Include powerful Composite Items (multiple single items) Yes
See at a glance who's cheapest using clear comparison charts Yes
Make key decisions using simple colour coded price guidance Yes
Complete the job in a fraction of the time it takes manually! Yes
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Short of time? Here's some Screenshots that will give you a flavour of what it feels like to manage subcontractors in a fraction of the time you do now. Want to know more, just call or email us and someone will explain more or take you through an online demo.

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