Fast Estimate
A range of Spon construction price books can be used with Fast Estimate



Installing SPON Price Book Libraries

Please note that a current Fast Estimate licence key is required for access to the latest Spon price book data.

To install the book into Fast Estimate:

  1. Run Fast Estimate
  2. Select File / Utilities / Price Book Register
  3. Select the Approved List tab, then Download (requires Internet)
  4. Select the Install New Price Book tab
  5. Use the Browse function to select the downloaded file (zipped)
  6. Select Install
  7. Check its been added to the Registered Price Book table

Once installed a new tab will appear in your library (Price Book Items) where you will have access to the book sections. Spon items can now be used in pricing your schedules.
Please note that any expired price books will be deleted from your library to avoid duplication.


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