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Who uses 'Fast Estimate?' - Anyone who needs to price a construction project

Quantity surveyors, Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Estimators, Housebuilders, Builders, Civil Engineers, Groundwork Contractors and many other specialists.

What our customers say*...

"Just thought I’d let you guys know that, after having used FE5 for over 8 years I spent the weekend getting up to speed with my newly purchased FE6 – Brilliant!! It’s a lot slicker and easier to navigate around, the ability to have more than one window open at a time and the accessibility of library and other schedule info makes the whole pricing process far more user friendly and efficient."
Robert  J A  Stuart, Scope Estimating and Surveying Services (UK)

"I have recently completed a £750,000 tender using v6 and the SCC module and I was very pleased with the result. FastEstimate can now be considered a serious estimating tool and a cost-effective competitor to Conquest and Causeway. Congratulations!"
ANDREW RICHARDS Quantity Surveyor & Building Cost Consultant (UK)

"Yesterday I received a BQ in Excel; 71 worksheets in a workbook, each sheet being a BQ section. In order to import in to Conquest it requires 1 individual worksheet per BQ section, with page breaks annotated and BQ ends annotated. So, in order to import it I had to copy each worksheet, paste it to a new one, edit it and save it. So I did, 71 times.

Time elapsed: 7 hours. Psychological and emotional cost: incalculable.

I then repeated the process with FE6. I linked the original workbook containing 71 worksheets to FE6, set the columns on worksheet 1, hit the button to tell it to treat the other 70 sheets in the same manner and pressed import, then with the time elapsed at literally under 2 minutes, I went to turn the kettle on. A Perfect import, no fuss."
D.H. Construction Cost Solutions (UK) M.C.I.O.B

"Have used version 5 for 3 years and our “hit” rate on tenders has been 1 in 5, we have been well pleased with it. Only drawback was time it took to import Excel Bills into FE5.
This has been answered with Version 6, import is excellent direct from Excel. Well done.
A&A Carpentry (UK)

"This is a great piece of software. It's so easy to use. The screen is uncluttered. It loads and runs fast. It all goes to make the tiresome job of estimating so much easier.
Many thanks."

John M Edmondson, Builder (UK)

"Congratulations for an excellent P.C. estimator - as the name implies, FAST as well as easy to learn. It is already up and running on my computer. Thank you."
Koh Teng Kai, Developer (Malaysia)

"I have now priced 8 jobs on 'Fast Estimate' and the revenue for one of them paid for it! Sound economic sense. The more I use the system the more impressed I am with it. This latest release really does make it first class.
Dave Hamilton, M.C.I.O.B. (UK)

"I must congratulate you on this excellent programme. I have experience with Wessex, Quick Brix, Construct-it and some knowledge of other estimating packages - but give me 'Fast Estimate' every time. It is quick to use and very flexible in terms of taking off, constructing libraries and printing. I am very impressed with the free updates which show me your commitment to improvements. The updates are very worthwhile and not just cosmetic. Well done"
Martin Payne, Estimator (Norfolk, UK)

"Please continue developing this product which has no competition as far as I am concerned."
Kevin Dodson MIIRSM, MaPS, FIoR., Byron Roofing, Hull (UK)

"Version 6 is a vast improvement on V.5 and import from Excel is flawless. Well done. "
L.D., A&A Carpentry Limited (UK)

Many more user comments are available on request - if YOU have any comments to make please email us at the address below.

* Some comments may refer to Fast Estimate V5


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