At Fast Estimate we're serious about support and as Quantity Surveyors we talk your language.

With decades of experience in the construction industry the advice you get is from practical knowledge. At Fast Estimate we offer a range of support resources to get you up and running, from step by step first installation to detailed 'how to' video guides.

In addition to this we also offer on site training at your office, or you can visit us, to give you the correct set up tailored to your needs right from the start, along with technical support for your products as and when you need it.

User Guide.

If you are new to Fast Estimate you can reduce your learning curve by referring to our user guide. Our guide takes you through the basics of Fast Estimate as well as introducing more advanced features.

Online Help Pages.

Our general and specific help pages are always available online.

How To Training Videos.

A fast and effective way to learn how to accomplish specific tasks, our clear video guides offer step by step instructions for key functions and procedures.

Contacting Support.

If you need to contact us for support the various methods to get in touch are detailed on our contact page.

Additional Services.

  • Product training (up to 3 users) £895.00 per day (excluding Travel and accommodation)
  • Product training hourly rate (via remote access) £85/hour
  • Technical support £85/hour or part there of (min charge £65)
  • Licence key and/or verification code re issue (per user) £95.00
  • Data rebuild (following failure or corruption of your hardware) per data set £495.00

Terms & Conditions.

All prices exclude VAT

Onsite training excludes travel and accommodation expenses which vary depending on location.

Data rebuild is a service of last resort to our customers, and due to the nature of failure it is limited to the condition of data provided and we offer no guarantee of any recovery of useable data.

Installation of Fast Estimate V6 or V6 Lite.

Detailed instructions on installing Fast Estimate V6 or V6 Lite software are available on the download page.

Installation of Fast Estimate V6 or V6 Lite Licence Keys.

A licence key is required to run the software, if you do not have one it can be purchased here.

Detailed instructions on licence key installation is available on the download page.

Installation of Spon's Price Libraries.

  1. Run Fast estimate
  2. Select file/utilities/price book register.
  3. Select the "Approved list" tab, then download.
  4. Select the "Install new price book" tab.
  5. Use the browse function to select the downloaded zipped file.
  6. Select install
  7. Check the Spon's Price Library has been added to the registered price book table.
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